Your Most Precious Resource

When I sent out my email yesterday, I didn’t realise how much it would resonate with so many of you.

The hourglass was seen by many as a representation of Time.

You may not realise it, but Time is your most precious resource.

It can determine so much about you, what you can do.

What you can’t do.

Yet we are quick to waste it on things and people we neither need nor want.

And when we are short of Time, we panic, filling what we do have with pointless tasks, that serve no purpose for what we truly want.

Choosing to finish one last thing in the office instead of heading home for quality time with our family.

Burning the candle at both ends and choosing to skip on essential hours of sleep because we’ve
filled our heads with scarcity and now we wake anxious and over eager to attack the to
do list.

Today I had a conversation with someone who told me how he skips meals and important hydration because he

“becomes so task focused that I feel I need to get this done, then that done and before I know it it’s gone 1630 and I haven’t eaten yet”.

Sound familiar????

Well let’s change that right now.

I’ve shared this hack with many of you before, & many of you use it to great effect, but I do think it’s worth covering again.

Because IT WORKS!

I use this concept every day when I’m writing articles, studying or anything task relayed.


25/5 Rule AKA Pomodoro Technique

Set a timer for 25 minutes, turn off all distractions and focus on a specific task, that has a specific purpose.

Dedicate 25 full minutes, no phone calls, no ‘FakeBook’, nothing but the task at hand.

After 25 minutes, get up and stretch out, sip some water and weather permitting, get outside and take in some

Then return back to the task and repeat, 25 min work and 5 mins of anything but.Pomodoro Technique

You’ll realise that you’ll get more done in 25 minutes than when you sit down for a few hours and try and work solidly on something.

After a 3rd but of 25 mins work, take a full 20 minutes break and get away from work.

As long as you’ve got up, walked away from the task you were focused on and do something completely unrelated that’s good.

Incorporating this simple strategy helps me get way more work done as it sets a deadline, and we all work more efficiently when we’re set a deadline.

Try it our and give me a shout on Fakebook about how you find it. ==> FakeBook Page

This is one of the concepts that works really well for the guys in my Alpha Man Elite Programme, but we have
strategies that we use to stay accountable, optimise productivity and save time.

All whilst building a bulletproof body too!

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Sooner rather than later.

“Because Time Is Precious.”