What Dollard, Dobb & Co Taught Me

When I was in college, I studied quite a few different subjects.

Of course there was the standard Physical Education A Level you’d expect someone interested in sport and fitness to take.

But alongside that, I studied sociology, psychology and also philosophy I loved social sciences, particularly psychology and the theory behind human behaviour.

Why we think the things we do.’

‘Do the things we do.’

‘Or don’t’ on many occasions,

‘Even when we know deep down we should!’

I remember discussing the theory behind people that became aggressive because of frustration.

It’s actually called ‘The Frustration/Aggression Hypothesis’ and was proposed way back in 1930’s by Dollard, Doob, Miller, Mower, and Sears.

It goes some way to explain why some people get angry and confrontational when they are denied success or happiness.burning

Whether it’s football supporters shouting abuse at their team when they don’t perform or a high level businessman whose career ambitions are limited by someone or something else.

It also explains why some people get angry and aggressive when they don’t see the results they want from their training programme.

They become frustrated from the lack of results and ‘burn everthing down’, throw in the towel and instead of being smart and focusing on the end game, they wallow in self pity.

Guess what this leads to!?


Frustration that they’re still fat!

More frustration that they’re still miserable!

And now the stress that they’re now a quitter too!

Not exactly the mindset for success is it?

It doesn’t have to be this way!

So what is the answer?

Here is whats actually WORKING for the busiest men I work with.

Too many of us think we ‘know it all’ or we only need help to ‘get us started’, not realising that the support network, the accountability, the knowledge and expertise we give up in the process. I use mentors to help me ‘level up’ my game in the areas of my life I want to improve and this has helped me develop both professionally & personally beyond what I would of done if i’d tried to do things on my own. Accountability, ‘Skin in the Game’, and new sources of knowledge and wisdom are things that you can benefit from.

Despite the convenience of modern day life, we try and take on more and more in our lives and rarely take time for the most important person in our world,


How can you provide the best version of yourself if you’re not at your best because your burnt out, relying on adrenaline and caffeine to get you through a day?

Your personal Energy is one of the key factors you should protect, harness & grow.

Not just in the gym, but at home, in the office, in your social circles… EVERYWHERE!
If everywhere around you is set up for success, you are far more likely to believe that it’s a case of ‘I WILL’ rather than ‘WILL I?’

Consistency is one of the biggest issues I find stops people from achieving great results, not just in their physique goals, but in so many different areas of their life.

Want to know how you can incorporate these 4 elements, along with numerous others into a progressive, consistent strategy that will create the Ultimate Bespoke Blueprint for you to succeed?

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