WARNING: This Is Why Your Wife

…Doesn’t Want To Have Sex With You.

Yes, you did read that right, that’s exactly what I said!

We seem to spend an inordinate amount of time playing catch up, ticking off pointless tasks from the ‘brain dump’ To Do List.

And the worst thing about all the chaos and rushing around? The level of intimacy in your marriage is shrinking like your proverbial in an ice bath.


The following will not be pleasant reading for some of you. I know because I’ve been there too.


1. You’re the ‘Usain Bolt’ of bedroom gymnastics! 9.58 seconds and it’s all over!
You became selfish, worn out and your ability to keep up the pace has long since diminished. Your wife doesn’t enjoy your 2 pumps, squirt cameo performance. She now finishes herself off when you go to sleep.

2. The spontaneity has gone, because those long hours working “just getting one last thing done”, leave you tired & exhausted and you simply fall asleep. There’s nothing left in the tank and you’re never in the ‘mood’.

Your wife is often asleep hours before you anyway, she accepted some time ago you’re no longer going to seduce her and the token gesture flowers, welcomed with a smile are just masking the disappointment she truly feels.

3. You’ve lost IT , you let yourself go and ‘waist belt’ you’re currently sporting isn’t exactly a fashion statement! Yes, she’s seen you pulling your stomach in whilst you stand in the mirror even though she pretends not to.

4. Women LOVE Confidence. FACT. The driven, strong, fit, energetic, confident YOU was ‘cat nip’ to your wife… you commanded her attention … now you’re kinda… well, a 3rd rate version of yourself if we’re brutally honest.

5. Remember how women everywhere went crazy over the 50 Shades of Grey’ books? And they weren’t even well written! But like so many others, your other half got her own kick out of them and let’s face it.. you’re not exactly a Mr Grey are you? 

Romantic spontaneity isn’t exactly your fortè now that your constantly exhausted and worn out.

6. You aren’t giving her the affection, attention or intimacy you once did. Simply put, ‘WORK MODE’ is always turned on. Unlike your wife.

7. Sheer embarrassment has you covering up under layers of clothes.Z5OYDDT

Even sex is a costumed event (and not the good kind either!). Your wife used to get turned on by your manliness rubbing into her.
It was sexy.

But now? I think we both know that’s the last thing it is!

8. You have ‘bitch tits’ Like Bob.
Your oestrogen (the female hormone) level has risen to the point that you have man boobs. And your testosterone is so low, you’ve lost muscle, you gained fat, you are turning into… the female of the species! Your wife doesn’t want sex with a girl!

9. Your body comes complete with it’s very own ‘weighted vest’ attached (No wonder you’re exhausted carrying that around day!)

Let’s face it, the blubber vest is hardly helping performance in the bedroom is it? The “more of me to cuddle in to” excuse is the only thing that’s thin!

lawnmowing10. You simply settled, for ‘Also Ran’, a 3rd rate version of yourself. Not the person she met.

Yes she loves you dearly, but you just don’t do what’s required, or show up in a way that turns
her on any more. 
The guy that lives down the street who’s similar age to you though… the one that takes off his shirt every summer whilst he cuts the front lawn. The one your wife always comments on “he’s in great shape isn’t he…?” The thought of her checking him out, (yep you caught her a few times and pretended you didn’t).

How long before she asks him if he’d like to ‘cut her lawn’? You’re too busy working all hours to waste time doing gardening duties remember?


So you may be a little butt hurt by now. I may of even pissed you off enough that you got defensive, searched for justification about why all the above doesn’t matter really as you have [enter excuse here]. But this will play on your mind. Repeatedly.
The reality is that you’re not angry at me, you’re angry at yourself, because some of these reasons have not just touched a nerve, they’ve full on poked it.

Ready to DO something about it?


(Your wife will notice and it will be YOU that’s the topic of discussion when she does lunch with her friends, not that neighbour.)

Talking about how great the sex is again – come on let’s admit it, we all love that kind of publicity!

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