The Pitch Is Strong With This One

So as The Legend Ric Flair would say…


Yesterdays email right?

Serious fire contained within!

I did warn you though!

After yesterday i received a couple of responses which included

“FUCK YOU!” (Always a favourite!)

“How The Fuck Do You Know..?” (Again, a personal fave)

“Thanks for making me feel like shit for the rest of the day” (A new one to be honest)

“I’m done, please take me off your list” (Instructions on how to unsubscribe sent in reply. Did they use them?

HINT: You’re probably reading this now!)

So those of you that are still here, congratulations.

Either you identified with some of the things i mentioned and you ‘woke up’ to the reality that things need to change.


You’re oblivious to what’s going on around you, in which case i have more work to do & a lot more FIRE to hit you with.

You see, after the information I sent through yesterday, I am obliged to follow it up.

In fact I have a moral & ethical duty to rectify the issues I highlighted.

Simply because,


I know exactly how it feels when you’re girlfriend or wife makes a comment that is in no way meant to hurt you, but cuts you down like a chainsaw does a

How you switch from being blissfully ignorant to ‘triggered’ and defensive.

It doesn’t matter if it’s about how much time someone gets to spend with their children, the intimacy someone seems to have with their partner or the guy
that has the physical appearance you once had. (that was always a killer for me!)

You suddenly feel personally attacked and the frustration causes an outburst.

Which leads to more guilt, because you know deep down that not only were you wrong for the outburst, but also the reason for your outburst, the reason
for you being so defensive…


I did exactly the same. Over & Over again.

So here is the opportunity to do something about it.

Here is the chance to ‘change the story’ and be the example used by other peoples wives, so that your friends are asking you “How?”

Here is the opening to apply and tell me why you are ready.

CLICK HERE =======> Application

See you gents tomorrow!