Let’s Get Ready To Rumbleeeeeee!


So, the biggest fight of the year is just a
few hours away now and I’m looking forward to
seeing how Kell Brook performs against one of the best lb-for-lb fighters in the world, GGG, Gennady Golovkin.

Win, lose or draw, Brook has definitely
earned some serious respect.

Not only is GGG one of the most feared
fighters in the world, meaning many have
ducked out of fighting him, but Kell Brook is moving up 2 weight divisions to fight him!

Serious respect!

It’s fair to say that Kell Brook has overcome
any fear or doubt that he may of had before
he signed up to the fight.

I can imagine there was a voice telling Kell
that this was not a good idea.

That he’d be better off staying in his own
weight division and continuing to dominate
there, as he had been.

But here’s the thing.

And you may want to pay attention comrades!

Your mind will do everything it can to
protect your pride & your ego.

Fear is nothing more than your ego wrapping
itself in bubble-wrap to ensure it doesn’t
get bruised.

Because unless you do something, how do you know it is true,

Ask yourself the question

‘Is it true?’

Every time you feel some resistance.

And if you answer ‘Yes’,

Ask yourself this

‘Can I absolutely know that it’s true?’

Then you may realise it isn’t the case at

These are just 2 of the questions we use as
part of ‘Focus Reframing’ the strategic
confidence planning we utilise within Alpha Man Elite to bullet-proof mindset.

Once your mindset see’s barriers as something
to overcome and not to restrict, your growth
across the P5 becomes exponential!

Click here to get on a call with me and end
the year with more growth in the next few
months than you’ve had in the last few years!

Here’s the link again.

Cris ‘No Fear’ Bradley

Come on Kell!!!