What Is Your ‘Fire’?

I’m going to be pretty blunt with you, so those of a ‘sensitive snowflake’ nature, you may want to leave now.

What does it take to get you fired up? I mean what does it really take to ignite the fire inside you and finally do something you keep telling yourself and others that you’re going to do? It doesn’t have to be about how you physically look or feel. Anything at all that you keep telling yourself you want to do, but never get round to actually accomplishing?

What does it take to successfully reach your desired outcome?

So many men try over and over to do something about how they feel. How they look. Only to end up giving up well before they achieve what they wish to.

Are they simply guilty of ‘giving up’? Being a quitter?

Is it simply a question of them needing more determination? Resolve? Never-Say-Die-Attitude?

What if I told you that no amount of behavioural changes will ever help you reach your desired results. What then?

Some people consider a change of behaviour adequate for them to gain a new, more favourable outcome.

It isn’t.


The results you achieve are directly related to your BEHAVIOURS and your behaviours are directly related to your MINDSET

So it would make sense to focus firstly on MINDSET. But, what Is Mindset?

Mindset is simply a set of assumptions or beliefs that are so established that it creates a powerful incentive within to continue to adopt or accept prior behaviours or choices as TRUE, without any supporting evidence.

Just read that again ” …a set of assumptions so established you accept them to be TRUE, without any supporting evidence…”

How we develop and possess the mindset we do all comes down to the things we’ve experienced, the people we’ve interacted with and the environment we’ve grown within. Without getting too deep in the psychology of things, if you attempt to cross a road 5x and you’re hit by a car 5 times, apart from being extremely unlucky, you’re probably going to be quite averse to crossing a road.

Events and experiences shape us. Your mindset comes about usually from the situations that have occurred in your past, or things that have been said to you by someone of influence in your life, whether that be a teacher, parent or sibling.

So if we believe something so strongly, which then influences our behaviour, how can we expect to experience the OUTCOME we truly want?


So many people try to produce a new outcome ‘WITH THE SAME LEVEL OF THINKING’, by simply altering their behaviours, believing that this will be enough for them to produce the results they are hoping to achieve. By doing so “You Are Destined To Fail”.

Following this same pattern over and over will result in self doubt, anxiety, stress and frustration. Not the thing a BUSY DAD needs anymore of!

What we need is a ‘Mindset Shift’. But how?

Many things can act as a trigger to a Mindset Shift.

Many years ago, I worked alongside a Firefighter who was the walking personification of stress. He would chain smoke throughout the day, drink enough black coffee to keep a small army up for days and as he had a side-line business of fitting windows, would be constantly stressing about something. Add to this the diet high in all the foods it shouldn’t be high in and you have a ticking time bomb. No amount of friendly advice, ridicule or stark warnings would have an effect on Percy. Until 1 day, that time bomb went off.

Percy suffered a heart attack. At just 47 years old.

Thankfully, he survived and despite being off his feet for a while, he slowly got back his health and was soon back to work. And, although he drastically cut down, he was still sneaking in the occasional coffee, cigarette and working longer and longer hours. 9 months later, BOOM, another heart attack struck, this time more severe than the first. This was the trigger that created the Mindset Shift required.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you need to have a near-death experience in order to create the shift you require. No, you can achieve it through a much safer strategy, one which we utilise within Alpha Man Elite in great detail, which is why we set the foundation for successful physcial and mental transformations.

Tomorrow I will share with you 3 simple steps that you can use to help you begin to transform your Mindset & begin to experience the outcomes you want!

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