Mindset Makeover

So yesterday I explained how so many men fail to deliver the outcomes they’re striving for, simply by focusing on the wrong aspect they should.

Quick recap for those that missed it.

Too many people focus on changing their behaviours, because behaviours are directly related to outcomes.

The problem is, without fundamentally changing your mindset, which is what your behaviours are directly related to, you can’t effect the changes to your outcomes. You’re basically skipping a step, which is also, unfortunately, the most important step too.

A Mindset Shift is required to get the process going, which usually comes about from a trigger of ‘life effecting’ proportions.

Like a health scare mobilising you to start taking action to better your health.

Or a lover turning you down because “you’re not the man you used to be…”

Now, like I said yesterday, i’m not going to tell you to go out and seek Pain to initiate this ‘shift’.

Doing so will simply create a life you hate, which i’m sure nobody wants.


Here’s my 4 simple steps.

1. Create Space.

If you’re anything like me, you can be prone to flying off the handle and ‘reacting’ to things in a way you probably wouldn’t do given the choice. In this situation we have a ‘trigger’ of some sort and we ‘react’. By creating space between the trigger and our reaction, we avoid relinquishing control. The ways I personally do this is by utilising meditation and time, not only when the potential for a trigger is present, but every single morning.

2. Protect Your Personal Confidence.

When your confidence is not where you want it to be, you will find yourself falling into the trap of ‘Comparisons For Pu$$ies’. What I mean by this, is you will see others that may be doing better than you in an area you wished you were doing better in.

This can quickly lead you to feel anxious, overwhelmed and stressed. Then you will compensate by comparing your situation with that of someone else that you view to be worse off that you, becoming one of ‘those’ types of people. Yes, a ‘Dick’!
To avoid all this, focus on the ‘Wins’ you experience in your life.

In Alpha Man Elite, we call this Focus Reframing. By building a foundation of each day with the positives and ‘wins’ of the previous day, you automatically start from a position on confidence, strategy and POWER. Find 3 things that were positive about the day and how they can be developed into the forthcoming

3. Question Your Thoughts.

I’m not going to go into too much detail here, but if you have not heard of Byron Katie, or The Work? I would strongly suggest you not only check it out, but
also execute it. BUT, one thing you must realise. Without Step 1 AND Step 2, Step 3 will not produce the effective results you want and need it to.


4. Protect your Personal Energy.

In today’s 24 hour era of accessibility, far too many men believe that they must hustle to produce the life and results they desire. Sleep, rest and recovery are very much after-thoughts and then they wonder why despite the hours of work they’ve put it, they’re no closer to achieving the outcomes they’re working so hard for.

The key thing to remember is this,


‘Rest & Recovery Is Not A Reward. It Is A Pre-Requisite For Exceptional Performance’.

You cannot and will not perform at your best if you do not feel at your best. And you will not be at your best unless you are well rested.

So there are my Key 4 Steps to helping you build the mindset that will enable you to create positive behaviours and the favourable outcomes you are looking for.

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