Beware Of ‘The Bonk’

Are you familiar with ‘The Bonk’? 

Yes, your first thought may be that I’ve been hacked and this email will be littered with unsolicited dodgy porn (it isn’t, so you can stop scrolling for it!) 

No, The Bonk is that feeling you get during the afternoon when it feels like your gears are grinding to a halt and your energy levels are almost non-existent.

You’re running on fumes. 

You get agitated. 

You get snappy with people. 

Motivation to do anything that requires even the slightest bit of concentration feels like a form of torture & even if i offered to train you personally 1-on-1 for free for an hour, you’d probably tell me to go eff myself! 

Yes, The Dreaded Bonk!! 

It’s not something we experience too often within Alpha Man Elite, and that’s by design, not by accident. 

Protecting Personal Energy is vital when it comes to avoiding hitting the dreaded bonk and starting your day off with overwhelm, stress and nothing but a black coffee are not going to do you any favours. 

Now some of you may have a ‘Go To’ can of energy drink, stacked full of caffeine that promises to give you wings. 

But the reality is you’re doing nothing more than putting off the inevitable. The moment you chug down a can or 2 of caffeine loaded fizz, your body is simply topping up on all the caffeine you’ve been using to get you through the morning (because you woke up still tired from a poor nights sleep). 

Caffeine has a half life of anything from 4 hours, right up to 10 hours. Which means it takes that long for your body to break down and eliminate ‘half’ of what you’ve taken on board! 

So by the time you get, still feeling like crap (which is why you’ve chosen not to bother with a gym session today – “I just didn’t feel like it…”) you’re still trying to break down all that caffeine. 

So when bedtime comes around, and the stress of your working day to come isn’t enough to stop you sleeping properly, the caffeine definitely is! 

And so goes the vicious circle…!

So what can you do to avoid ‘The Bonk’, level up your energy levels and start each and every day feeling Majestic, Energised and POWERFUL

I’ve spoken about the virtues of creating space through mindfulness and meditation, and if you still feel it’s something only hippies and monks do, AND you’re still unable to complete a day without losing your shit? 

I have nothing for you, so you as well just hit the unsubscribe at the bottom. 

It works. 

For me (and believe me when I say this, I used to be the guy that would completely lose his $hit!) 

It works for the guys within Alpha Man Elite. 

And it works for some of the most successful businessmen in the world, including Richard Branson, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos & Bill Gates (yes, some of the richest men in the world, about $250 Billion rich…). 

The next thing you can do to help protect your personal energy is get adequate sleep

I’m not going to go through all the hints and tips you can use to help ensure you’re getting enough quality sleep, nor am I going to share what we do within AME (got to save something for inner group strategies…)

HOWEVER, I wrote a full article about how to get better sleep & you can find it HERE

Both of these tactics will help you drastically level up your energy reserves, and then the ONLY Bonk you’ll be experiencing is…. well i think we both know what i mean… 

However, if you’re interested in starting each and every day from a position of POWERutilising Focus Reframing across the board of the Performance5,

Prosperity & Play

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