The Path Of The Selfish Man

Being Selfish.

It’s often frowned upon as a bad thing, A negative personality trait that you were chastised about as a child.

It’s also associated with feelings of guilt, especially some of the guys i speak to.

When they’re choosing to spend time working, instead of at home. Spending money to mask the pain and insecurities they have.

All whilst pretending that everything is “Fine”, still acting like the ‘jolly, happy go-lucky guy’, to go with the jolly, ‘cuddly’ body they’re privately ashamed of.

Guys that consider coming into Alpha Man Elite often have some feelings of guilt for wanting to take care of themselves and taking back control of their lives.

Whether it’s improving their

Physical condition…

Power of their mental focus…

Personal relationships with their children and their ‘Goddess’

Prosperity within their business or their life in general


Just want more Play, laughter and fun in their lives.

Regardless if it’s all areas or just a few.

Most won’t move forward with pursuing any goal or endeavour for FEAR of what others may think of them.

FEAR cripples them from taking action.

We think of ourselves as thoughtful, putting others before ourselves.

But as time goes on…

If you continue to neglect your greatest asset…


Have you considered that your ability to show up for others, those you care about most, will become much more of a challenge.

The biggest gift you can give ANYONE is the gift of your own happiness.

I’ll give you an opportunity to mull over that thought for minute….

Your family, friends, your ‘Goddess’, your colleagues.


You can’t give what you don’t have.

So if you’re stressed out. Overweight. Exhausted. Overwhelmed. Depressed. Lacking confidence. Miserable…

How exactly do you intend on being the Man to depend on?

How do you expect to show up for those you care for the most in your life for very long..

Making you a priority first is ESSENTIAL.

In fact it’s anything BUT Selfish!!

At the end of the day to show up as an UNSTOPPABLE man, you must first consider protecting your own Personal Confidence.

Your own Personal Energy.

And it takes more COURAGE to do that then continue to be ignorant of your shortcomings.

But at the end of the day…

The BETTER you are, the better everyone you care about is!

And why wouldn’t you want that?

This is the one and only reason I started the Alpha Man Elite Programme.

Because this is about more than just losing a few pounds and looking good on a sun-lounger.

This is about Changing Your Story, across the board.

You still have the opportunity to do that sooner, rather than when it’s too late


And tell me why you have what it takes to be part of my programme. Because i’ll be blunt about this from the off. I don’t let everyone in. In fact, around 50% of those that apply don’t get in?


Because they can’t let go of their own bullshit. They refuse to accept the truth of where they’re at & think being part of this Elite, Premium programme is simply something they can be part of, ‘just because’. They don’t make it past the one person they need to convince ‘ME’!

So if you’re ready to change for the better, ready to change your story from one of BS, ignorance and guilt to one of confidence, strength and personal growth in the 5 areas we call Performance5


Then you’re the kind of Man I want to speak to! Here’s the link again