Bed-Post Notch Bull$hit

On Saturday I was travelling home and instead of my usual thing of listening to an audio book, I instead hit shuffle on my music.

Now, I have a rather varied, eclectic taste in music, from classical to acoustic folk, to thrash metal from deep, tech house and RnB.
So it was no surprise when Justin Timberlake followed a classical piece from Ludo Einaudi that was preceded by acoustic folk from Nick Harper.

The thing is, the JT track was from his 1st album, Justified and it evoked so many memories, as music has a tendency to do.

Back in 2002-2003 when that album came out, I was fresh out of University and working as a personal trainer. I also had a bar job on a Friday and Saturday night.
I’d spent my university life eating like a bodybuilder, training twice a day and studying. So I was in great shape.

And the best bit? More and more women thought I had a passing resemblance to JT, who had become a serious heart-throb!


So, I played on it.

Big Time!

I shaved my head, had the ears pierced and almost modelled myself on his look. For no other reason than the attention from women.
And I’m not going to lie, I cleaned up!

I was never short of ‘options’, often with a different girl every other night!

I’m ashamed to admit it, but I was a player of the highest order, gaining a reputation for training hard, playing even harder and, well i’m sure you can fill in the rest!

So why am I telling you this?

Because there’s a very simple lesson here.

I was living a lie!

I wasn’t being true to myself & I even convinced myself I was happy!

When truth is, I wasn’t.

Instead I lived a total facade, simply to get laid. I allowed insecurity to take a grip and instead of working on being the best version of myself, an original, I chose to be a 2nd rate version of someone else.

I ignored my own reality because it was easier to do so.

Something so many men do on a daily basis.

Ignore the reality of who they are and hide behind the facade of ‘Success‘.

Using the success within their business or their career to adorn themselves with ‘shiny’ new toys, expensive watches, cock extensions in the form of flash cars and anything else that allows them to ignore the truth of how they really feel.

My success was notches on my bed post and a full diary of PT clients, so much so, I made myself ill by working myself into the ground. And i mean seriously ill to the point of coughing up blood when a simple throat infection spread, leaving me bed ridden for a couple of weeks. (i even tried to work and party whilst i was ill too! Using drugs to perk me up enough to function…)


So believe me when I say this, i’ve been there.

The fact I was too insecure to be myself just in case I failed was out of my own ignorance of the truth and the simple reality of FEAR.

Instead of being myself and learning the lessons from things that didn’t go to plan, I chose to bury my head and ignore things. Using the facade of my successes to continue on what in reality was a path of self-destruction.

Which is why I can sit here, from a position of wisdom and provide the guidance to ensure ‘True’ success in all the areas you wish to perform in.

The undeniable truth is that only when you start telling the truth and facing up to the reality of who you are and where you’re at, will you be able to make the progression that you want to. Trying to do this whilst living a lie will simply cause everything to crumble down around you.

Only then will you be eligible for a place on my Alpha Man Elite Programme.

So if you’re ready to tell the truth, hit the link below and tell me why you’re ready to come all in with me and the other men on my programme.

Cris ‘Justified’ Bradley

PS Want to know how bad I moulded myself? I even took street dance classes to ensure I ruled the dancefloor on the weekends I was out partying too! Seriously!