The Titanic Battle of 2 Laps

There was a time in my past when protecting my own personal energy, confidence and to some extent health was not the priority it is

I’m going to tell you a story about when me and a friend of mine found ourselves in a local strip club, ready to party!

Back then, I would’ve felt like a serious ‘playa’ ‘Big Time Charlie’ & that all my actions made me great, when the reality is, I was the exact opposite.

On this particular occasion, both me and a friend have a booth, enjoying the company of a couple of the girls, bottle of tasteless
bubbles in an ice bucket.
We were then joined by a 3rd girl in the booth. Then a 4th.

We thought we were awesome!

The girls laughing at our jokes, enjoying our bubbles, and pulling at us to have a private dance.

Like so many other men, that thought in your head that you’ll be getting more than a dance (you never will btw) the voice telling you to go for it…

So we’re having fun, or at least ignorant to fact we’re just avoiding reality.

Anyway, I notice there’s a guy that has his own booth.

To himself.

He has watched us for a while, and now…?

He now has 5 girls!

What The Fu…..!?

This situation right here, triggered the sizzle out of me!
I felt I was being challenged, that someone had the audacity to make me look weaker, less successful.

Less of a MAN!

I reacted to it, and became caught up in my own personal game of ‘Comparison Poke For Pussies’, using other people as a benchmark for what I was doing.

I remember snapshots of that evening, due to the consumption of plenty of alcohol and I’m happy to admit it, not to show off, but to illustrate how much of a dick i was, plenty of coke too.

In my eyes, I was at war. With my manhood at stake.

Pathetic right?

So, there was only one thing my friend and I could do.

We went big time.

We paid for 10 girls to come and dance in our laps.

In our booth.

Our adversary was left alone, whilst we blew money on girls paid to tease us into spending more.

When the real reason we blew almost a months wage between us, was in reality nothing to do with the girls tempting offers and innuendo and everything to do a weak mindset, insecurity and male bravado.

Those same limitations that men are paralysed with every day when they choose not to take action on going for the things they truly want, the transformation they want to achieve in the area of their life that really matter.

Not realising that those limitations are based on a story, not reality of the truth.

These are the areas of breakthrough we focus on within Alpha Man Elite, setting the foundations for a rate of personal growth like never before.

I know this because I’ve not only witnessed it first hand, I’ve felt it myself!

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