Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Another Monday, another Day 1 for men around the world that want to transform into a better version of themselves.

This is the 41st ‘Day 1’ of the year!

Take a good look in the mirror.
Go ahead, long, hard look.
Look at yourself!
What do you see?

Is it the man that you envisioned yourself to be at the start of 2016?
When you sat down to plan your goals for 2016, is there where you saw yourself?

Are you where you want to be? Are you even close to where you want to be?

What you see before you is what the rest of the world can see, so go ahead. Take a detailed loo of yourself as you start a new ‘Day 1’.

Monday has become the unofficial Day 1 of people’s diet goals, their training plans.

In fact anything that requires a change in behaviour in order to be successful, is usually started on a Monday AKA Day 1.

Hell, I’ve done it plenty of times myself. Along with that obligatory overindulgence over the preceding weekend as a final blow out.

Eating what you want. Drinking to excess again. Skipping out on anything physical in favour of the comfortable sofa.

“I’m starting on Monday…”

Well that day has arrived!

But guess what?

You’re doomed to fail.

It’s almost certain.

“But this time will be different, I have a plan/blueprint/strategy in place”.


Queue the f-bombs and any other colourful language you want to throw my way.

I know I’m right.

You know I’m right.

This time next weekend, you’ll be starting all over again.

Back to Day 1! The 42nd ‘Day 1’ of 2016.

How do I know this?

Nothing has changed. You’re still relying upon on determination, guts, hustle and discipline to get you through.

Yes, you may have the greatest transformation plan known to man, individualised and bespoke to you!

BUT it’s only effective if you DO IT. And do it consistently.

And when you have to rely on hustle, discipline and self-control, which is a limited fuel in anyone, just like fossil fuels, that shit will eventually run out and the old, ingrained habits resurface (they’re comfortable, familiar and don’t require any hustle…)

The guys in Alpha Man Elite won’t be relying on hustle this week. They too have a plan, a world class elite strategy.
Designed by one of the best in the world, officially.
And they will execute it, because they have what you don’t, ACCOUNTABILITY.

They’re not relying on their own discipline, they have paid to play the game of creating the story they want and unlike you, they are having fun and protecting their personal confidence whilst doing so.

They have invested in RESULTS.

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Cris ‘Day X’ Bradley


This week is the last opportunity you will have to be a part of AME in 2016.

Remember, the investment will increase in 2017 and January will sell out for certain (January 1st is another Day 1, more on that in the future).

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