The Rat And The Mars Bar

There’s some bizarre experiments carried out in the name of research.

Being a bit of a nutritional geek, I often receive updates from published articled and recently one caught my eye.

Not because of the ground breaking information it delivered ( pretty much ministry of the fcuking obvious if you ask me!)

But because of the side story that accompanied it.

A researcher removed part of a rats brain (a section of the hypothalamus) that controlled the desire to consume food and fluids.

As expected, the rats didn’t bother eating or drinking and died of starvation and dehydration. ( No surprise there!).

But some of the rats lived longer than others.

One researcher that was part of the experiment would snack on chocolate when he entered the lab and would even give some if the rats a little.

He did it that often, when he entered the lab, the rats would line up ready to receive a but of chocolatey goodness!

DESPITE having that part of the brain removed that controlled appetite!

So why am I sharing this with you?

Because amigo, it illustrates how powerful the desire for things we believe we want can be, even stronger than things we actually need!

A bit like when you convince yourself you ‘want’ a new shiny car or ‘want’ that expensive time piece.

When the reality is you actually ‘Need’ to be doing something about your health, your physique and your mindset!

You get distracted by the shiny wrapper and become oblivious to the fact you should be investing time, energy and funds into your own development!

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Cris ‘Pic-Nic’ Bradley