Are You A Poker All Star?

Do you play poker?

I don’t mind a game of Texas Hold ’em Up

But only with real cards and real people of course

Online gambling isn’t my thing

But I did see an ad for an online gambling site which reminded of plenty of the modern men I come across

It talked about how some people are already poker players “without even realising it”

This particular ad used the poker art of ‘bluffing’ as its example

How many people have frequently managed to ‘bluff’ themselves,

The chin up bar installed in the door frame, from when you promised yourself you’d get in shape

The outrageously intellectual book you keep saying you’re going to read

The narrative that your parents have never had sex

So if you can bluff yourself so easily, maybe you’d be a natural at poker

One thing is for sure though

If you’re a perfect candidate for a game of poker due to your capacity for bluffing yourself?

You would definitely be a terrible fit for my Fire3 Transformation Academy.

Because when it comes to creating a strong, fit and powerful physique

Limitless energy levels that allow you to operate with greater capacity

A calm and focused mindset that creates confidence and clarity

There’s one thing I learnt over the past 16yrs of coaching

That Real Change is impossible until you start telling the truth

So if you’re the type that continues to bluff yourself?

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Bluff your wife and kids?

Bluff your friends?

Then you’re still caught up in your own bullshit about the level you’re currently at operating at

And it’s not the Elite, Premium level you keep ‘bluffing’ yourself it is.

So if you’re ready to take things to the next level

And start producing Results instead of bluffing out the excuses?

Here’s the place to go

Unless you’re happy continuing your ‘poker face’ practice of course

Cris ‘Can’t Read My’ Bradley


Unlike Lady Ga-Ga, everyone can read your poker face

You have what we call ‘a tell’

When you’re ready to change that hit below