Attention Seeking Gone Wrong

The things that some men will do to get attention, sometimes even I have to look on in disbelief.

And I’ve seen some rather bizarre situations as a firefighter…

So when I heard about a bunch of firefighters being required to free a man who’d managed to cement his head into a microwave, purely for attention seeking, publicity reasons?

Well it’s fair to say I had one one of those WTF moments

The fact it took over 2 1/2 hours to free him and the only reason he survived was because one of his friends managed to get a breathing tube into him, and he had a plastic bag over his head to protect him from the bags of cement?

Well, as my mum delightfully put it

“Yes, they should have just left him in there and told his friends they’d have to chip it away with a table knife…”

Sounds fair

But it also got me thinking about why some men go to such lengths for attention.

Maybe they’re not receiving enough attention from their wives at home, that is when they are home of course, and not spending all their time and energy focused on work

And when you’re overweight, lethargic, miserable and snappy, you can’t blame people for avoiding spending too much time around you.

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Cris ‘Here’s a Bread Knife’ Bradley


If you want to check out the moron that tried to take a mould of his own head using cement and a microwave

Here’s a link => Moron in a Microwave

However if you’d rather give your attention to something more important

Including your own capacity and capability as a husband, father


Here’s a much better link