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Serious Case Of Road Rage

Couple of days ago I was stuck in some pretty crap traffic caused by a lorry carrying hay bails that had caught fire. Fortunately I keep a good selection of audiobooks and podcasts on me so I was able to do some mindset study as I listened to a book called 'The Code Of The Extraordinary Mind' (Awesome book btw). Whilst I sat in the traffic, I noticed people in cars around me getting frustrated and aggressive, particularly when I was the the slip road near to where the road closure had taken place. I watched as cars mounted grass

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The Pitch Is Strong With This One

So as The Legend Ric Flair would say... "WOOOOOOOOOO!" Yesterdays email right? Serious fire contained within! I did warn you though! After yesterday i received a couple of responses which included "FUCK YOU!" (Always a favourite!) "How The Fuck Do You Know..?" (Again, a personal fave) "Thanks for making me feel like shit for the rest of the day" (A new one to be honest) "I'm done, please take me off your list" (Instructions on how to unsubscribe sent in reply. Did they use them? HINT: You're probably reading this now!) So those of you that are still here, congratulations. Either you identified with some of the things

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