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Cris Bradley : Coaching Bespoke is a Men’s Coaching, Training & Nutrition Consultancy based in Manchester, UK owned by Award Winning Elite Coach Cris Bradley.

Having worked as a strength & conditioning coach and personal trainer for over 16 years, Cris holds some of the most highly sought qualifications in the fitness industry.

Cris has many international clients from all areas of the globe, including South Africa, Dubai, US, Canada, New Zealand & Australia, as well as across Europe.

With over 15,000 training hours logged and having worked with over 2500 clients including actors, boxers, MMA fighters, rugby players, as well as many top fashion and fitness models, professional athletes, Olympians, CEOs, professional business managers, music producers and members of the emergency services, Cris has a wealth of practical knowledge to call upon.

This level of experience and attention to detail enables Cris to guarantee one key thing, RESULTS!

Cris has also worked alongside public sector health care workers, as well as private medical clinicians for rehabilitation management and post physiotherapy strategies.

He has featured in numerous fitness and lifestyle magazines including Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, PT Magazine and FitPro and was recently described by LifeFitness as “one of the worlds most elite trainers.”

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