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Are You A Psychopath?

I was chilling out, flicking through a few random news stories about the mind and wellbeing As you do over a bank holiday weekend of course! When I came across a study published a few months ago, all about men with psychopathic tendencies! The focus of the study was to try and discover what drives them to choose to do, well psychopathic stuff!! To do this, a prof' called Josh Buckholtz took a mobile brain scanner to a prison, found 50 inmates that had shown psychopathic tendencies in the past. And hooked them up! They were then given a Delayed Gratification test, this is where they

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And They Charged Me £200!

There's fewer things more frustrating then when you invest in something and then don't get the 'Experience' you'd hoped for.   Take this 84yr old man in Germany for example He chose a particular "Red Hot" sex-line, hoping for some quality, XXX-Rated naughtiness. The recorded message that he tuned into was apparently too "tame" for his own personal tastes and he was left particularly underwhelmed and unsatisfied! (Don't you just hate it when that happens....) Anyway, it wasn't the only thing that left our poor old German friend less than impressed Especially when he received his phone bill.... £200!!  

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