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The Expensive Penis Extension

So apparently it's around that time of the year when many wealthy families from the warmer climates of the middle east flock to London, bringing with them some of the most expensive and highly sought after cars in the world. The areas around Knightsbridge are flooded with Bugattis, Ferraris, Lambourginis and the like. Cars that would cost more than some people earn in a lifetime. When you come from a wealthy oil-rich country, dropping a few £1000k on a car is probably not as big a deal as it would be to some people. After all, wealth and expenditure is

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Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Another Monday, another Day 1 for men around the world that want to transform into a better version of themselves. This is the 41st 'Day 1' of the year! Take a good look in the mirror. Go ahead, long, hard look. Look at yourself! What do you see? Is it the man that you envisioned yourself to be at the start of 2016? When you sat down to plan your goals for 2016, is there where you saw yourself? Are you where you want to be? Are you even close to where you want to be? What you see before

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Mindset Makeover

So yesterday I explained how so many men fail to deliver the outcomes they're striving for, simply by focusing on the wrong aspect they should. Quick recap for those that missed it. Too many people focus on changing their behaviours, because behaviours are directly related to outcomes. The problem is, without fundamentally changing your mindset, which is what your behaviours are directly related to, you can't effect the changes to your outcomes. You're basically skipping a step, which is also, unfortunately, the most important step too. A Mindset Shift is required to get the process going, which usually comes about

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