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TBS Academy Trial

Total Body Sculpture Academy Trial

Please Answer All Questions Fully If Your Application Is Successful You Will Receive a Pre Programme Call. Therefore It Is Important All Information Is Correct
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  • The Total Body Sculpture Academy is a 30-Day Introductory Programme. A Refundable Deposit of £197 is Required prior to the start of the Programme. This deposit will be refunded at the end of the 30 day trial period IF all of the terms and conditions below are met. You must agree to all of the following conditions to meet the terms of the programme; 1. To attend the weekly 'TBS Academy Check-Ins'. Times & Dates Will Be Confirmed Prior To The Start Of The Trial. 2. To submit your scores each week prior to the weekly check in. Failure to do so means you forfeit your deposit and you will removed from the trial. 3. To create a profile using the MyFitnessPal app and ensure it is utilised daily to input the nutritional advice given to you as part of the programme. 4. To utilise the Training Tracker Software Provided To You or use the Training Section of the MyFitnessPal phone application. 5. To complete a Weekly 'blog' (status update) on all social media platforms to which you utilise to share your journey throughout the programme with your friends and family. You will be required to use the #TBSAcademy & tag @crisbradleyco. 6. To ensure that each blog post contains the following link at the end of the post, or in the first comment box https://crisbradley.co/tbs-academy 7. You will write a testimonial/story about your experience on the programme and post it on your social media, again using the #tbsacademy & @crisbradleyco at the end of the 30 day trial. 8. You will take 'Before' and 'After' photos from the front, back and side profiles prior to the trial & weekly for comparison purposes. (*These do not have to be posted onto social media if you do not wish & can be emailed to me privately. This enables adjustments to the programme weekly can be made to ensure you get the optimal results. If You Do Not Agree With These Terms, Please Do Not Apply As Failure To Do So Will Mean Your Deposit Is Forfeited & You Will Be Removed From The Programme.
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