Size Matters! Add 1″ To Your Arms With These 4 Moves

Arms Workout

When I was at university, I trained in an old school style gym, a short walk from where I lived.

It was packed full of old equipment that was solidly built, very heavy dumbbells and and some rather large, yet very pleasant people.

I used to train with the owner Russ, a former police officer & competitive bodybuilder regularly and from time to time, someone else would join in with us.


“I added 1″ To My Arms In A Day!”

On one such occasion, Bob, a chef happened to train with us & he told me about a time he’d managed to add 1″ of size to his biceps in one day.

Obviously I was skeptical, but he explained how he’d spent almost 4 hours in the, split up into 4 sessions and used a heavy weight, heavy volume method to maximise ‘the pump’ and almost force his biceps to grow.

I’m not suggesting that you dedicate a full day of arm training in an attempt to add size to your upper limbs, however it does illustrate the lengths that some will go to in attempt to gain some sleeve-busting arms!

This routine utilises quite a large amount of volume, as well as placing some serious stress on the biceps with heavy weight in order to stimulate growth. Will it add an inch in a day? I very much doubt it, but follow this routine for a couple of weeks & alongside good nutritional principles you should become the proud owner of a pair of barrels (new t’shirts & shirts maybe required!)



You will perform 4 exercises in total, 2 focused on hitting the biceps and 2 the triceps.

The triceps actually make up the majority of the upper arm, so despite many ignoring them when it comes to adding upper arm size, we’re going to be much smarter than that!

The 4 Exercises are;

  • EZ Bar Curls
  • Skullcrushers
  • Close Grip EZ Bar Curls
  • Inclined Skullcrushers

The Rep Ranges for the exercises are very simple.

You will start with 10 repetitions for both a bicep exercise and a tricep exercise, with little to no rest inbetween, add 10% of the weight on the bar and perform a further 8 repetitions, again for both bicep and tricep exercises.

You will repeat this pattern for 6, 4 & 2 repetitions, increasing the amount of weight on the bar by 10% each time.

Once you have hit 2 repetitions, you will change the exercises to the Close-Grip EZ Bar Curls and Inclined Skullcrushers and reverse the volume and repetition strategy, performing 2 repetitions for each followed by 4, then 6, 8 and finally 10 reps. Stripping 10% of the bars weight each time.

We start by using a weight that we can perform for approximately 10-12 repetitions MAXIMUM, any heavier than this and the weight will be too much as we progress. Any lighter, and we won’t be placing optimal stress on the muscles.

To save time, work out roughly how much this would be for all 4 exercises and have plenty of smaller barbell plates (1.25kg, 2.5kg, 5kg..) available for you to add on to the bar as you progress.

Starting with the EZ Bar Curls, perform 10 repetitions, ensuring that you squeeze the biceps as you lift the bar, contracting hard at the top and lowering under tension for each repetition.

As soon as you’ve completed the 10 reps, lie back on a bench and perform 10 repetitions of the skullcrushers.

Rest should be kept to a minimum here, so try to have what ever weight alterations you need to make ready quickly.

As we mentioned above, you will be adding 10% of the bars weight on now and performing 2 less reps for each exercises. So if you started with 25kg on the bar, you will need to add 2.5kg etc.



Once you’ve hit the heavy 2-reps, you’re going to switch the exercises and take 2 minutes rest to enable you to take on some fluids, stretch out the arms and shake some feeling back in to them.

You should be feeling the pump in your arms by now and you’re only at the halfway stage.

Repeating the 2-heavy repetitions, this time with the Close Grip on the EZ Bar, make sure that you are still squeezing the arms hard at the top and controlling the lowering portion to get the most out of each and every repetition, doing the same with the inclined skullcrushers.

Now strip off 10% of the weight and repeat for the remaining rep ranges (4, 6, 8, & 10).

And that is it!

Here’s a summary of the session.

10 Rep Max 10 EZ Bar Curls Skullcrushers
10 Rep Max + 10% 8 EZ Bar Curls Skullcrushers
Previous Set + 10% 6 EZ Bar Curls Skullcrushers
Previous Set + 10% 4 EZ Bar Curls Skullcrushers
Previous Set + 10% 2 EZ Bar Curls Skullcrushers
Previous Set 2 Close Grip EZ Bar Curls Inclined Skullcrushers
Previous Set – 10% 4 Close Grip EZ Bar Curls Inclined Skullcrushers
Previous Set – 10% 6 Close Grip EZ Bar Curls Inclined Skullcrushers
Previous Set – 10% 8 Close Grip EZ Bar Curls Inclined Skullcrushers
Previous Set – 10% 10 Close Grip EZ Bar Curls Inclined Skullcrushers


Follow this stategy, 2-3 times a week for up to a month and you will see huge growth in the upper arms department!

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