Can You Send Me More Information…

As you know, my emails can be pretty fiery.

They can stir up some serious emotion in people.

Usually after a particularly ‘intense’ email, (like the one coming next week…) i quite often get a direct response.

As soon as i see the ‘RE:[insert subject line], i know what’s coming.


I’m getting some abuse because evidently i’m touched a nerve, so much so, the person has felt strongly enough to vent directly at me.

If only they carried that same impassioned fire into achieving what it is they really wanted, they wouldn’t be directing expletives at me via email, but anyway.

Option 2 is less ‘colourful’, but no less frustrating.

“I’m really interested in your programme, but can I get some more information”

If i got paid for each time I read that line, i’d be on the Forbes list of richest men.


So, as an overall reminder of what happens on my Alpha Man Elite Programme, here’s what you get as
one of the 8 men invited to join…

1. The body that you’ve wanted for years, yet have never been able to achieve, without spending endless hours in the gym. In fact, less than 30 minutes a day!

2. International Award Winning guidance on how you can lose weight without giving up all the foods you enjoy!

3. A Bullet-Proof Mindset that remains calm, even when everyone else is losing their shit around you!

4. Access to me via the Private Weekly Mastermind sessions, which is the only way to receive coaching from me (unless you want to pay my 4-figure daily

5. So much confidence that your wife will think you’re on some sort of drug!viagra

6. More free time to enjoy the things you want to achieve, more family outings & more ‘Snap-Shot Memories’! After all, isn’t that what life is all about!?

7. No more feeling ‘benched’ when you’re in the park with kids because your exhausted & don’t have the energy to keep up.

8. Speaking of your wife thinking you’re on drugs, Become THE topic of conversation (for all the right reasons!) when your wife is with her friends! No blue pills in sight!

So, if all of this isn’t enough for you to want to take action
Then I guess you must enjoy feeling frustrated, stressed and overweight.

And Miserable.

And Exhausted.

And watching your children grow up via a social media feed because you weren’t there!

(At least if the $hit really hits the health fan & you do ‘check out’, they’ll be used to your absence…)

However, If You’re Ready To Change Your Story,



PS – I’m not kidding about next week,
there is some serious fire coming!