Serious Case Of Road Rage

Couple of days ago I was stuck in some pretty crap traffic caused by a lorry carrying hay bails that had caught fire.

Fortunately I keep a good selection of audiobooks and podcasts on me so I was able to do some mindset study as I listened to a book called ‘The Code Of The Extraordinary Mind’ (Awesome book btw).

Whilst I sat in the traffic, I noticed people in cars around me getting frustrated and aggressive,
particularly when I was the the slip road near to where the road closure had taken place.

I watched as cars mounted grass bankings, damaging their cars as they bounced up over curbs that weren’t placed to accommodate motor vehicles.

In their blind panic to get to where they wanted, they were willing to risk expensive garage bills, all just to take a shortcut!

Kind of reminds me of the guys that take shortcuts in their pursuit of what they want. The reckless shortcuts.

Shortcuts that turn out to be very expensive!

The problem is, these ‘reckless shortcuts’ end up costing more than the price of a new car wing or a new allow wheel.

These shortcuts can and often do end up costing the ultimate price…

Personally, I don’t believe in reckless shortcuts. I much prefer strategic shortcuts, the shortcuts that are saving me something important, something that I protect, like my personal energy and my time.

That’s the type of investment that Alpha Man Elite is built on.

So if you’re looking for the type of shortcut that will get you where you want without any work or strategy? My programme isn’t for you.

However, if you want the type of investment that gets you to where you want to be much quicker?


Simple As That.


PS Tomorrow I’m going to share a crazy story I heard about yesterday!