Negative Ghost Rider, The Pattern Is Full

So i’ve got news regarding my Award Winning Coaching Programme, Alpha Man Elite.

“What’s the news you keep hinting at!?” I hear you say!
Before I let you in on it, I will say now, straight off the bat, that this is only relevant to those that are interested in being involved in my Alpha Man Elite Programme before the 2017 price increase (which will take it up to over £1k a month)

Yes, this news only involves those that are ready to stop believing their own BS and get honest about where they’re at in their life.

Those that are ready to INVEST in themselves, their family, their business & their FUTURE.


As some of you will already know (those that chose to take action),  I have decided to bring what was to be the last Alpha Man Programme of 2016 forward to the end of September.

Why? Simple.

Everyone selected was fired up & ready to go, had completed their Pre-Course experience and were just waiting to get started.

Which I love seeing!


Guys wanting to make serious Progression across what we call the ‘Performance5’ or P5!







I also had 2 or 3 people miss out, and another couple of people apply that I didn’t get chance to speak to, simply because the spaces had already been snapped up by the time they had filled in the application and scheduled a call.

So, after a lot of thinking this week, i’ve decided that I will run one more Alpha Man Elite Programme in 2016, before the price increase in 2017.

But, (Yes, There’s a But…) as this really will be the last Programme of 2016, i’m reducing the number of available spaces down from 8 to 6.

So, if  you’re looking to start 2017 off with a serious bang, and go into the year better than you’ve ever been, here’s the opportunity you’ve been looking.

I’d strongly suggest grabbing it with both hands, because these places will go.

They always do!

AND this time there’s 2 less seats at the table!

So, if you’re ready, then here’s the link to get on a call with me.

After you’ve told me why YOU should get one of the places.



You can ignore this,

Wait until 2017 & the usual ‘New Years Resolution Bullshit’ and apply to get on the programme then.

After the price increase.

It’s your call!

Cris ‘Maverick’ Bradley