The Accidental Washboard

Imagine doing something you enjoy, every day.

And one of the ‘side effects’ was a 6-pack!

And i don’t mean one of these fitness junkies that love to hammer out 1000 crunches every morning like some modern day Patrick Bateman!!

No, I mean something you actually enjoyed, something fun! Something you wouldn’t get bored of at the drop of a hat!

Well that’s exactly what a friend of mine did.

Now before you start cancelling gym memberships and throwing away your training gear, let’s get something clear, he was still doing something active.

He still got in his ‘daily sweat’.

But here’s the lesson comrade, straight from the off!

Finding something active that you enjoy doing suddenly doesn’t feel like a chore, doesn’t feel like exercise and you can end up getting the side effect of something you’ve been chasing all along…


In fact my friend, who’s also in Alpha Man Elite text me this a few days ago…

“I can’t f***in believe Bradders, we may of finally found something I can do!

…like you said, it’s still challenging, but I f***in love it, and instead of looking at the clock hoping I’ll find some motivation from somewhere before I go to
the gym, I actually can’t wait to get down there and get the gloves on!

And I’m getting abs! F*** me mate!”

As you may of noticed, my friend is fond of an F-bomb or 2.

But more importantly, he’s found something he is actually enjoying.

And he’s rather happy about the side effects too…

And like Mo Farah says

“When it’s Fun, it doesn’t feel like exercise.”

(Although I will never tell anyone to eat quorn, it’s just wrong & GUARANTEED to make me vommit!)

And you’re far more likely to stick to it, be consistent and see physique progression.

And when you feel good, confidence goes through the roof, the swagger returns to your walk, you have better focus and a healthier wellbeing in general!

The kind of side effects I prescribe to!!!

This is why we focus on moving and sweating in general in Alpha Male Elite instead of prescribing specific, generalised workouts that some people may love, whilst others will detest.

Yes, I still push the guys with the challenge of my Benchmark ‘Rapid Results Method’ sessions.

But as long as you’re progressing, sweating and being challenged (‘cos if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesnt change you..) you will hit your outcomes.

Maybe you want to know how we gamify the Transformation of Physiques, along with the other elements of Optimal Performance or P5?


Maybe you’ll be sending me a text about your ‘Accidental Abs’…