Confessions Of A Workaholic

It’s amazing how life can take up more than you think it does and the things you’ve always thought were reality, in actual fact, aren’t.

Below is a statement about how life is for the daughter of a busy man, one just like you.

“Just one of the many adventures we’ve had together was when I was about eight or nine, [when] my daddy took me to a monster truck show. It was awesome! We got lots of cotton candy and toy souvenirs …. It has been about five years and I’ve noticed my dad and I doing less and less together. I’ve become more involved with my friends and “boys” and ever since my step-mum got laid off her job, my dad has been all about work, work, work….”

The impact of our actions can be felt in a way that we may not consider.

Reverberations felt by our friends…

Our children…

The woman we love…

So you’re probably wondering how the father of this young girl feels about what she had to say.

Is he even aware of how she feels?

“Wow! I guess sometimes things get too hectic and busy that you don’t stop to think about the feelings of the people around you. I love [my daughter] very much. She’s one of a kind, and I think we need to make time for each other a lot more often…”

Reality can hurt sometimes.

What would your emotions be learning that your child feels this way?

The realisation that the quality time you used to spend with then has all but ceased, even though you may be telling yourself you still do.

The reality is…

This Is You!

This Is Your Life!

Now is the time to change it.

Starting with building a body with more energy & more strength.

A mind with more focus & more power.

Which means more capacity to get shit done, in less time.

Giving you more free time to spend doing the things with your family that you want to do.


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Cris ‘Reality Check’ Bradley


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