Superman Is NOT A Carrot!

It seems that wherever you look, whether it’s the Internet, your local supermarket or on TV, there’s someone raving on about a particular food and how it’s essential as it’s a ‘Super Food’.

Whenever this term is banded around, it’s usually a long list of benefits are regurgitated, how it’s packed with all sorts of special powers to help you get leaner faster, stronger quicker and will bullet-proof your heart!

Just by eating this food you’ll add weeks, months, even years to your life!!

Then, you may be presented with 3 or 4 ‘recipes’ or ideas that allow you to incorporate them into your daily intake (kale for breakfast anyone?)

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting that you should avoid all these foods.

Not at all! In fact, some of them are really tasty & provide some great vitamins, minerals and other dietary requirements.

No, I’m pointing out that regardless if you eat these caped powerhouses, if everything else in your life is more Lex Luther armed with a little kryptonite, all
those superpower benefits you’re hoping for?

It ain’t happening amigo!

Let’s get something absolutely clear,

Calories Matter!


If you’re eating more than you’re burning, the quality & amount of your sleep is crap, your training is poor and your stress levels soar like the Man Of Steel

You’re going to be disappointed with your over priced ‘Hero Foods’!

And if your calories are off, it doesn’t matter what your macro ratios are (the % amount of each macro, protein, fat & carbs makes up of your diet), you’re pissing in the wind!

In fact if anyone constructs you a diet based on macro ratios and doesn’t take into account your requirements from calories first? I’d question their knowledge and strategies and tell you to get the hell away from them!

Nutrition is an important factor in any successful transformation.

What i’ve found over the years is that helping people to understand why they need to do certain things from a nutritional perspective, not only helps with
adherence, but also helps them to make informed decisions about their own nutrition.

“Give a man a fish, teach a man to fish etc, etc!”

This is why my Build+ & Burn- Programme has a number of chapters dedicated purely to nutritional principles and how you can implement them into you own life.

No dictated, restrictive diets!

Just solid information, simply explained for you to use.

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Cris ‘Superfood Basher’ Bradley


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