Pizza Box Or Tissue Box?

It goes without saying that if you don’t feel powerful and confident

Chances are, you probably don’t come off as looking particularly sexy either

Women love confidence, and when you couple that up with a strong and lean physique?

It’s like the proverbial ‘catnip

It’s an undeniable fact of life

Just watch a few men’s aftershave adverts and you’ll see it for yourself

(Except the weird left field ones obviously, no one gets those)

Anyway as I was saying, this confidence and self belief thing is something that your wife notices

And finds very, very attractive.

Which leads to those ‘benefits‘ we all enjoy

Those whispers in your ear that she wants to go home ‘right now’, whilst she’s biting your bottom lip…

Yes, THOSE kind of benefits.

But what if you’re NOT having that effect?

What if you have your head in a bucket of sand and you’re ignoring the painful truth of where you’re currently at?

And it isn’t at the Premium Level you wish it was?

When the intimacy has dried up and your left ‘fending for yourself’?

What happens then?

Well, if these guys in the US are anything to go by

It can turn into a ‘serial habit

Requiring the intervention of pizza rewards to try and stop you smashing one out to porn!

Not Food porn either….

And we all know just how great pizza is.

So in my eyes you may have 2 choices available to you

You can continue on the path of ‘blissful ignorance’ believing that there’s nothing wrong

And your wife really does think those extra lbs of fat you’re sporting make you look more cuddly

In which case good luck to you.


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Look forward to your topping!

Or you can choose to become the man you’ve wanted to be for a while now

And build yourself a strong, powerful physique that screams confidence and sex appeal

Here’s where you can do that

And look forward to an entirely different type of ‘topping’

If you know what I mean…

Cris ‘Scantily Clad Toppings’ Bradley


Rewards are a powerful motivator when used correctly

I use them in my coaching programme

Instead of pizza based rewards though

We use the epic results as rewards for those that score high on a daily basis

If you’re not sure what kind of results I’m talking about

I’ll tell you tomorrow

It helps to respond to a question I got asked yesterday about the Fire3 transformation academy

Which you can find more info on here