Is Your Health Worth A Bagel?

Do you eat bagels?

Personally, they’re not high up on my list of breakfast faves

But I know many people enjoy them, including my mum

My mum has never spent $1,000 on a bagel though

But that’s how much a particular bagel will cost you at the Westin Hotel in New York


Now, it’s obviously not just any old bagel for that price.

It’s a rather decadent & luxurious offering with Alba white truffle cream cheese, goji berry-infused Riesling jelly and the obligatory gold leaf flakes.

Sounds fancy right?

But, at the end of the day, it is still just a bagel.

Yet, there’s plenty of people buying it.

They want the thrill of splashing a grand on something they’d usually pay no more than a couple of quid for.

They LOVE being extravagant once in a while and let’s face it, in a way, it’s an investment.

An investment in an unforgettable experience, a memory.

You see, sometimes it’s worth splashing the cash to have something that’ll truly make a difference in your life.

Now don’t get it twisted hombre,

I’m not suggesting you go off and spend a grand on a bagel

But the thrill?

The memories?

The fact you’ve always got that story to tell?

That lasts a lifetime.

It’s the same as having an epic body transformation.

You’re not investing in the training, the nutritional guidance package or even the mindset coaching

But you ARE investing in the feeling you’ll get ;

The massive increase in your energy levels

The boost in confidence

The sense of satisfaction when you actually get the body you can be proud of is, quite literally,


The looks, the comments and the compliments from family.

The fact you have something you’ve been working for, for months, maybe even years?

And how about that ego boost?

Knowing you’re leaner, stronger, and look better than 99% of the population is pretty cool.

THAT ^^^ is what you’re investing in.

This is why you should think about anything relating to fitness, nutrition, health and training as an investment rather than a cost.

Okay, maybe not anything.

A Joe Wicks plan, Bullshit fads like Puke+ or Herbashite, or any kind of supplement from ‘Fitness Expert. Katie Price bars is definitely not an investment.

But a gym membership?

A few sessions with a good, qualified competent personal trainer?

An effective, quality online programme designed to help you reach your goals?

A bit like this one….

Fire3 Transformation Academy

These are all investments.

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Don’t get me wrong, I used to struggle with this too

And when I laid out over $3,800 on my first coach I was shaking a little. Actually a lot…

But now?

I can’t imagine not having a coach for every area in my life I want to level up now

It’s most definitely an investment, rather than a cost.

Because the results a great coaching programme can produce

A programme like this one…

They’re Priceless.

Knowing you have your ultimate body?

Having that pride, sense of accomplishment

Oh and a rather epic story to be an example to your kids and grandkids?

That’s definitely an Investment.

Cris ‘Buying Bagels’ Bradley


If you come across an opportunity to experience this kind of feeling you should grab it with both hands.

Like this opportunity for example

If people can pay $1,000 for a bagel, it puts your health, fitness and wellbeing investment in to perspective a
little don’t you think?