And They Charged Me £200!

There’s fewer things more frustrating then when you invest in something and then don’t get the ‘Experience’ you’d hoped for.


Take this 84yr old man in Germany for example

He chose a particular “Red Hot” sex-line, hoping for some quality, XXX-Rated naughtiness.

The recorded message that he tuned into was apparently too “tame” for his own personal tastes and he was left particularly underwhelmed and unsatisfied!

(Don’t you just hate it when that happens….)

Anyway, it wasn’t the only thing that left our poor old German friend less than impressed

Especially when he received his phone bill….



The experience was not to the value of the call and so our poor old friend has decided to complain and is demanding a full refund as soon as possible!


I don’t fancy his chances to be honest


They probably don’t offer a 100% money back guarantee or an extension of ‘services’ for free until you do actually feel you’ve got what you paid for.


And you get more than one call too!

No XXX-Rated smut though I’m afraid.


And if you follow all the guidance and advice & you don’t get the results, I will happily coach you for free until you do.

That’s how confident I am in my programme


So, unless you fancy feeling like a sexually frustrated 84-year old German


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I can’t promise you’ll be accepted, only those that are ready to face up to their reality and do something about it will gain access.


But if you are, I can promise you definitely won’t need sex-lines to help you feel good!