Are You A Psychopath?

I was chilling out, flicking through a few random news stories about the mind and wellbeing
As you do over a bank holiday weekend of course!

When I came across a study published a few months ago, all about men with psychopathic tendencies!

The focus of the study was to try and discover what drives them to choose to do, well psychopathic stuff!!

To do this, a prof’ called Josh Buckholtz took a mobile brain scanner to a prison, found 50 inmates that had shown psychopathic tendencies in the past.

And hooked them up!

They were then given a Delayed Gratification test, this is where they had to decide whether to take less money from a pile sooner, or wait and get
more money hours down the line.

A bit like the old marshmallow study from the 70’s

The more impulsive and thus more ‘psychopathic’ individuals required gratification far sooner.

It was all ‘Now, Now, Now…’ F**k the future!

Which brings me nicely to a question, Are you a psychopath!?

I only ask because, some of you reading this are solely ‘invested’ in short term.

Fancy cars…

Fancy watches…


Anything that helps remove the focus on what you’re going to have to deal with in the not too distance future…

Yea, you glanced down at that rather rotund belly your cultivating
It’s getting harder to hide.

(Unless you’ve picked up some of the ‘big pants’ I mentioned before…)

But if you buy a new shiny toy, you can feel good again

At least in the short term..

Bit like a psychopath….

The reality is, there’s a much bigger, better investment available to you.

It’s YOU!!

YOUR Family!

YOUR Health!

YOUR Mindset!

Not just now, in the short term.


Enjoying time, laughter and Iove for YEARS to come!

What I would argue is a true investment!

Here is where all non-psychopaths go;

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Those that see life as something worth investing in!

The more ‘psychopathic’ amongst you, for fear of being stabbed..

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Cris ‘Two Marshmallows’ Bradley



Every big decision, every journey worth travelling starts when you ask yourself one question

‘Are you willing to put up with your current reality?’

If you don’t want to break out of the shackles of where you currently are,

You probably never will.

That’s cool, some people are happy to ‘settle’

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