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The Pitch Is Strong With This One

So as The Legend Ric Flair would say... "WOOOOOOOOOO!" Yesterdays email right? Serious fire contained within! I did warn you though! After yesterday i received a couple of responses which included "FUCK YOU!" (Always a favourite!) "How The Fuck Do You Know..?" (Again, a personal fave) "Thanks for making me feel like shit for the rest of the day" (A new one to be honest) "I'm done, please take me off your list" (Instructions on how to unsubscribe sent in reply. Did they use them? HINT: You're probably reading this now!) So those of you that are still here, congratulations. Either you identified with some of the things

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Kings of The Compound Pt.2 : Deadlift

There are very few exercises that stimulate multiple growth like the Deadlift can.   It is one of the main exercises used as a benchmark of overall strength, simple to execute and a big strength and mass builder when used correctly. Unfortunately, it is also one of the exercises I see performed incorrectly more times than any other in the gym. On a number of occasions I have even felt the need to intervene before a serious injury occurred. Below, i've split this King Strength Builder into 8 easy to highlight steps, that will have you well on your way to perfecting

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Kings of The Compound Pt.1: Squat

Along with the deadlift, the squat is one of the best compound exercises available to build strength and mass in an athlete. Unfortunately, just like the deadlift, it is an exercise performed incorrectly by so many gym goers. I have seen personal trainers and fitness instructors not only perform the squat incorrectly, but also teach incorrect form to clients and gym members. This is both frustrating and dangerous. The squat engages the core in much the same way as the deadlift does. The biomechanics of the body make the squat a very natural movement to perform. In fact many of

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