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Confessions Of A Workaholic

It's amazing how life can take up more than you think it does and the things you've always thought were reality, in actual fact, aren't. Below is a statement about how life is for the daughter of a busy man, one just like you. "Just one of the many adventures we’ve had together was when I was about eight or nine, [when] my daddy took me to a monster truck show. It was awesome! We got lots of cotton candy and toy souvenirs …. It has been about five years and I’ve noticed my dad and I doing less and

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Kings of The Compound Pt.1: Squat

Along with the deadlift, the squat is one of the best compound exercises available to build strength and mass in an athlete. Unfortunately, just like the deadlift, it is an exercise performed incorrectly by so many gym goers. I have seen personal trainers and fitness instructors not only perform the squat incorrectly, but also teach incorrect form to clients and gym members. This is both frustrating and dangerous. The squat engages the core in much the same way as the deadlift does. The biomechanics of the body make the squat a very natural movement to perform. In fact many of

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From Russia With Love: Training With Kettlebells

Kettlebells! Cumbersome. Awkward. Brilliant! Getting Familiar With Kettlebells Do you know your pood from your goblet squat? Or your swing from your get ups? If not, this is the article for you! For many, kettlebells are a relatively new piece of gym equipment. You may have even seen a few knocking around the gym floor, wedging doors open! Kettlebells have been around for decades, centuries in fact. And they are one of the ultimate weapons in your battle to get lean, strong and functionally fit. In this article i am going to introduce to the #SacredSix, 6 exercises that when

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